četvrtak, 10. siječnja 2019.

HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit | Review

Hi A couple of weeks ago I started to use HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit. I was acquainted with the brand by means of social media- they have a huge presence on social media and their teeth whitening kits have been used by so many people.

I  found the kit itself very easy to use and it was actually very self-explanatory.
Each Syringe of the whitening gel is marked in 1/4 s and it is recommended that you use half a syringe per application so that is 1/4 for the top teeth and 1/4 for the bottom teeth, for 6 consecutive days and for 10 minutes each day.

I want to point a quick disclaimer- you have to be realistic with teeth whitening kits when it comes to you and your own teeth. If you have badly stained teeth that have years of coffee, no home teeth whitening product will be enable to give you snow white teeth. Also, some people have naturally discolored teeth that can never be truly white, and I think all these things are very important to take into consideration when we are using a teeth whitening product. So, being realistic is the key.

From the very first day, I  noticed my teeth were whiter and I was actually really surprised because I didn't expect to see any results after the first application. I was very dedicated and I honestly kept it for the 6 days doing 10 minutes per session. The LED light was a very handy feature because it beeps after 10 minutes.

It includes:
- 3x gels
- 1x LED light
- a shade guide
- 1x Mouth Guard

HiSmile also offers a subscription service which means you will never run out of your teeth whitening products which is super handy. I hope you found this review helpful!